Anesthesiology Department

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Jiangsu Provincial key medical specialty, municipal key medical discipline, completed the number of indoor anesthesia 28,000 cases, outpatient anesthesia 12,000 cases yearly. Carry out the anesthesia of all kinds of specialized operation routinely, and complete the anesthesia of all kinds of difficult operation independently. In recent years, the discipline has focused on developing new medical technologies such as comfortable medical treatment, visualization technology application, and refined anesthesia monitoring, and fully undertaken the work of anesthesia diagnosis and treatment for critical and difficult surgical patients in local and surrounding areas, thus establishing its central position in the anesthesia discipline. 4 provincial and municipal scientific research projects in recent three years; 2 provincial new technology introduction awards, 2 municipal science and technology progress awards, published 12 SCI included articles.


Anesthesiologists are setting up extracorporeal circulation for patients undergoing heart bypass surgery.