Cardiology Department

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Established in 1985, The Cardiology Department is the provincial key clinical specialty, the municipal Medical Innovation team, the master training center of Xuzhou Medical University and Nanjing Medical University, the municipal Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center, and the national Drug Clinical Trial Institution (GCP) certification specialty. It now develops into Lianyungang Cardiovascular Hospital. There are 130 beds in 3 wards, 18 of which are cardiac intensive care units (CCU). The annual outpatient visits are more than 40,000, and the annual discharge patients are nearly 4,500. The department is divided into coronary heart disease, electrophysiological pacing, hypertension heart failure three sub-specialties. Earlier since 1998 in the province to carry out various cardiac interventional diagnosis and treatment projects, such as diagnosis and treatment and congenital heart disease intervention via radial artery coronary artery closure, single and double chamber pacemaker implantation, radiofrequency ablation therapy all kinds of arrhythmias (such as atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia and PVC, PAC, SVT, etc.) of, three cavity cardiac pacemaker therapy for heart failure, buried type automatic converting defibrillator implantation, etc. At the end of 2007 the first batch to pass the admittance of cardiovascular intervention in Jiangsu province, is the only qualified specialty for all kinds of interventional cardiology, yearly completes all kinds of nearly 3000 cases of interventional heart surgery, and to undertake the most severe and difficult cases’ rescue in the whole city, as well as the urban hospitals and surrounding counties and hospital consultation task of difficult and critically ill patients. In September 2017, it was approved as a national chest pain center, and won the Bronze Prize of quality control in the same year. In addition, it helped the department of Cardiology of all county and district hospitals in the First People’s Hospital Lianyungang alliance to carry out the cardiac intervention diagnosis and treatment project and the construction of chest pain center. In recent years, the department undertook 3 municipal department level projects, 5 health bureau projects, participated in 2 international multi-center studies, and won 2 municipal Science and technology Progress Awards and 3 municipal New technology introduction Awards. In recent three years, more than 40 papers were published, including three SCI papers, two Chinese level papers, and more than 20 Chinese core journals. Each year, two provincial and municipal continuing education programs are held to promote the standardized development of cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment in the city.

On December 19, 2017, the press conference of "2017 Annual Ranking list of Scientific and Technological Influence of Chinese Hospitals" was held in Beijing. In this ranking list, the department of cardiology ranked top 100 for the first time, achieving a zero breakthrough of our hospital and even the whole city in this evaluation. In the ranking of national specialties, the department of cardiology ranked 68 in the national specialties of cardiovascular medicine with a total score of 30.01, and ranked the 8th in the province.


Yin Delu, director of the Cardiology Department, performed PTCA+ thrombus aspiration for the patient under DSA.