Emergency Medicine Department

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The department of emergency medicine is the earliest, largest and strongest clinical department of the same type in this region. It is composed of emergency outpatient department, emergency room, observation ward, emergency ward, ICU, operating room, debridement room, blood bank, pharmacy, infusion room and medical technology examination department, forming a complete emergency medical system. The secondary departments mainly composed of emergency medicine, emergency surgery, emergency ICU, emergency infusion room, hyperbaric oxygen therapy room, and occupational disease department. Currently, there are more than 100 medical staff, including 5 chief physicians, 3 deputy chief physicians and 10 attending physicians. There were 1 doctor's degree and 9 master's degrees. There are 75 open beds, and the annual number of emergency visits is about 50,000, the annual number of expert outpatient visits is 10,000, the annual number of discharged patients is 1,500, the annual number of operations is 1,200, and the annual average expert goes out for consultation is 15 times. The department has advanced equipment and supporting facilities, leading the city and leading the province in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, critical care and treatment, poisoning treatment, hand and foot microsurgery and orthopedic trauma treatment. In recent years, it has won 5 municipal scientific and technological progress awards and 5 municipal medical new technology introduction awards. Academic monographs such as "identification and treatment of internal diseases", "emergency medicine" and "diagnosis and treatment of heart and brain diseases" etc. were published in recent years. It’s the postgraduate cultivation base of Xuzhou Medical University.


Rescuing critically ill patients in the department of emergency medicine.