Pediatrics Department

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The pediatrics department was founded in 1951, now equipped with 108 beds and more than 110 medical staff, including 9 chief physicians, 9 associate chief physicians and 2 master supervisors. The department has newborn, cardiovascular, kidney, blood, respiration, endocrine, nerve, first aid, children health care and other specialties. The PICU and NICU are equipped with central monitoring system, ventilator and other advanced equipment. It has DSA room, tracheoscope room for children, tracheoscope for children, lung function analyzer and other equipment. It ranks the advanced level in the diagnosis and treatment of refractory nephropathy, secondary nephropathy, acute and chronic renal failure, congenital heart disease, and intensive care and treatment of premature and low-weight infants. It has become a pediatric diagnosis and treatment center with certain influence and popularity in Lianyungang City and even in northern Jiangsu and Southern Shandong regions.


Chief physician Qu Xuguang led young doctors to make ward rounds.