Pharmacy Department

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The Pharmacy Department is a national clinical pharmacist training base, a national drug clinical trial and research institution, a national demonstration unit of precision medicine integrated application demonstration system, and a master training center for Nanjing Medical University, Xuzhou Medical University and China Pharmaceutical University. It has 1 provincial “six talent peaks” high-level talent, 1 young medical talent, 3 postgraduate supervisors, 3 MDs, 20 senior professional titles and 36 intermediate professional titles. It is a hospital pharmacy department with the largest scale, the most complete functional setting, the strongest scientific research ability and a certain degree of popularity inside and outside the province.

Clinical pharmacy work began in 1990, and there are 9 full-time clinical pharmacists, who participate in clinical rounds, consultation and discussion of difficult cases, and provide pharmaceutical care for patients. Blood concentrations of nearly 20 drugs such as cyclosporin and more than 10 drug genes such as aspirin were routinely measured to provide a reference basis for clinical formulation of individualized drug use. Up to now, the Pharmacy Department has completed more than 20 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, 11 of which are under research (including 1 general project of national Natural Science Foundation of China, 5 provincial projects and 5 municipal projects). More than 150 papers were published, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 4 third prizes of the Municipal Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 1 second prize of the municipal new medical technology introduction Award were acquired.


A group photo of all medical staff in the Department of Pharmacy.