Radiotherapy Department

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The Radiotherapy Department was established in 1996 and now has 13 doctors, including 3 chief physicians and 5 associate chief physicians, 3 MDs, 4 masters. With 100 beds, the department has achieved standardization, scientific and systematization in the diagnosis and treatment of thoracic tumors, head and neck tumors and central nervous system tumors, among which the therapeutic effects of esophageal cancer, lung cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer are in the leading position in the province. In recent years, he has completed 22 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, won 1 provincial science and technology Progress Award, 12 municipal science and technology Progress Awards, 18 provincial and municipal new technology introduction Awards, and published more than 100 papers (18 of which are included by SCI). It’s the doctoral, master training point of Xuzhou Medical University.


Jiang Xiaodong, vice President and chief expert of radiology department, is treating the patient.