Stomatology Department

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In December 2011, Lianyungang Stomatology Hospital was established with the approval of the higher authorities. The hospital is affiliated to The First People's Hospital of Lianyungang. It is the city's only public Class-2 grade A specialized stomatology hospital founded on the basis of the original stomatology department of the First People's Hospital of Lianyungang. It is the city's center for stomatological medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention, and undertakes the diagnosis, treatment and further training of difficult oral cases in the city and surrounding areas. The construction area of the hospital is 3500 square meters, divided into outpatient and maxillofacial surgery wards. There are more than 60 medical personnel, including 8 experts with senior titles, 2 master supervisors, 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 18 masters and 4 MDs. The clinic has a modern diagnosis and treatment unit, equipped with 39 comprehensive treatment chairs, 10 photocuring machines, 16 ultrasonic teeth cleaning machines and other basic equipment, with CAD/CAM chair side porcelain repair system, oral conical beam CT, oral implant real-time navigation system and maxillofacial dynamic system and other large equipment. The ward has 30 beds. As the designated operation hospital of Operation Smile Train in the United States, it has successfully performed more than 1,000 operations for cleft lip and palate patients free of charge. The number of clinic and emergency visits is nearly 60,000 per year, and the number of discharged patients is over 1,000 per year. It is divided into dental pulp disease department, periodontal mucosa department, children's stomatology department, oral and maxillofacial surgery department, oral prosthodontics department, orthodontic department, dental implant department and oral radiology department. Now it is one of the largest stomatology specialties in General hospitals of Jiangsu Province, attracting the attention of its peers in clinical technology, scientific research, teaching and prevention in the city.


The national love tooth day large-scale free diagnosis activity scene, Xu Hongzhi, president of the Lianyungang Stomatology Hospital, is answering questions for the patient.