Chest Pain Center

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Lianyungang First “China Chest Pain Center” Certification Unit          Lianyungang Only Provincial Regional Chest Pain Center

The chest pain center was set up in May, 2016, and put into use in June. It was formally appointed by the municipal health and family planning commission in December. It was identified as the province area (north Jiangsu) chest pain center construction unit by the Jiangsu health and family planning commission, in September 2017 identified by the national health development planning commission as China's chest pain center, and in November it won the bronze medal of China chest pain center annual quality control. The chest pain center is a regional cooperative medical treatment network covering the whole Lianyungang city.Through the multi-disciplinary cooperation among the various advantageous disciplines, it is the first time to establish the life channel for patients with chest pain.

The patients by the green channel into the chest pain can get a confirmed diagnosis in the shortest possible time and get the rationalization of specialized doctor, accurate treatment in time.

Established medical institutions at all levels in the region "AMI emergency coordination rescue network", execute "grid" hospital management within the network.

Set up "save heart volunteer team" responsible for communication between doctors and patients, health education and follow-up within the network in the hospital.

Established coronary heart disease sub-specialty, with the city and surrounding areas the strongest coronary intervention team, carry out 24-hour emergency PCI.

Play the leading role in pushing ahead the construction work of chest pain center. Since its foundation, it has successfully treated critical patients with chest pain. Patients with acute ST segment elevation from entering the hospital gate to IRA about 70 minutes, as quickly as possible to save the dying myocardium, reduce the mortality rate of patients, improve their quality of life.