Emergency Medical Rescue Base

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Fill in the blank in North Jiangsu Area

Establish the benchmark in regional Emergency Medical Recue Level

The construction of three major centers builds a seamless pre-hospital medical treatment of green channels for patients, and provides integrated comprehensive treatment services, which have significantly improved the quality and efficiency of medical treatment of major acute diseases in hospitals, improved the hospital's overall emergency service capacity and level, and was highly recognized by the Provincial Health Commission. In September 2018, the Provincial Health Commission officially confirmed The First People s Hospital of Lianyungang as a provincial emergency medical rescue base.

The hospital attaches great importance to emergency medical rescue work. The hospital has established a perfect emergency rescue system from the aspects of organization system, system process, talent team, facilities and equipment, basic conditions, emergency disposal, counterpart support, social education and academic research, etc. The evaluation of the provincial emergency medical rescue base marks that the hospital has the ability to complete emergency medical rescue missions such as mass medical treatment, transshipment and in-hospital treatment of patients in the province, and can carry out business training to guide the surrounding medical institutions to carry out emergency medical rescue work.