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English Training Course for Applying Postgraduate and Doctoral Degree

Release time:2020-11-24 Reading:

In recent years, the hospital has been continuously deepening its foreign exchanges and cooperation. In view of the relatively weak English proficiency of staff, the hospital has held five English training courses, and the assessment situation has been taken as a condition for the department to invite foreign experts and the individual to apply  for overseas studies, so as to reserve talents for the sustainable development of the hospital.

In order to optimize the structure of human resources, encourage young medical personnel to continue their studies, and improve the level of medical personnel with doctor's degree and master's degree, our hospital and Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University set up an English Training Course for the Entrance Exam of Postgraduate and Doctoral Degree.

        This training course is consisted of 60 class hours, lasting 10 weeks. According to the composition of the registered students, it sets vocabulary and reading, listening and writing, postgraduate English, comprehensive application courses and other different aspects of training modules. It is mainly targeted for medical staff who recently have plans to apply for master's degree or doctor's degree, which also attracts the active participation of staff who are interested in improving their English proficiency. This helps to build an international team with high professional and English level and strong service ability and lays a solid foundation for enhancing the English competency and foreign communication ability of our staff.