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3 Doctors Participate in Online Overseas Study Courses

Release time:2020-12-02 Reading:

Affected by the COVID-19, in November 2020, the hospital dispatched Dr. Qian Weiwei from gynecology department, Dr. Zhou Xinyu and Dr. Guo Zhenwei from neurology department respectively took part in the “Holy Cross Hospital Online Gynecology Clinical Course" and "George Washington University Hospital Online Neurology Course". 

By taking online courses for three months, the top teams of gynecology and neurology will be invited for teaching online courses, including watching inquiries, daily rounds, case discussions, lectures, interact with teachers on the study field, etc. They can also be synchronized to participate in mentor's inquiry section. 

With no space limitation, online teaching can improve doctors’ clinical skills, promote discipline construction and talent training more effectively, and help them to realize the "overseas clinical study dream" under the COVID-19 situation.