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"Cloud Academic Exchange" with MATAT from Israel

Release time:2020-12-24 Reading:

On December 23, 2020, the hospital and MATAT successfully held a remote video medical exchange meeting (Pediatric Care). Gil Ben Shaul, vice president of MATAT from Israel, Israel's famous pediatrics nursing experts Dafna Wirzberger, hospital vice president Mrs. Zhang Hailin, nursing department, human resources department, head of the children's medical staff of the Lianyungang Children’s hospital attended the meeting.

Mr. Gil began with a brief introduction to Mrs. Dafna Wirzberger. Hospital vice president Zhang Hailin extended her warm welcome and sincere greetings to all the friends and staff attending this online exchange meeting, and expressed her heartfelt thanks to MATAT, President Marek, Vice President Gil and Dafna Wirzberger for their efforts to hold this live video conference.


Mrs. Dafna Wirzberger is a senior nurse educator in pediatric field in Y. Zaida School of Nursing. She also worked as the instructor in courses of Nurse Clinical Guide in Haifa University and head nurse of pediatric department in Soroka Medical Center, Bear-Sheva. At the meeting, focusing on the theme of how to prevent children's injuries, she analyzed the causes of children's injuries from all perspectives through theory teaching, data analysis, demonstration and other forms, and introduced in detail the specific measures to prevent children's injuries. After the lecture, the nursing colleagues in the children's hospital had a heated discussion with the expert from the aspects of inpatient children's accidental injury, PICU child restraint evaluation, and psychological care, etc.


In October 2019, MATAT vice president Gil Ben Shaul visited the hospital and signed a five-year "113" cooperation agreement, which established a new way of cooperation, further broadened the fields of exchanges and cooperation between the two sides and raised the level of cooperation.

2020 is the first year to implement MATAT 113 cooperation agreement. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the hospital and senior MATAT decided to continue this year's exchange and cooperation in the new form of remote video academic lectures after repeated discussions.

The medical remote video communication meeting held successfully, resolving the present situation of COVID - 19 outbreak restricted personnel exchanges, promoting interaction mode shift, making sure that the personnel exchange does not stop, deepening our cooperation with MATATA, initiating a good start for the next step of cooperation.

In 2019, our hospital signed the "113" agreement with MATAT. In the future, there will be exchanges and cooperation in obstetrics care, oncology, pain management, ophthalmology, neurology and other disciplines. It is beneficial to the promotion of medical technology and academic atmosphere in the hospital and medical and healthcare development in the city.