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Breakthrough in Medical Doctors Cultivation

Release time:2021-01-25 Reading:

In 2020, our hospital has a total of 19 medical staff, through their own hard work that has successfully admitted by well-known medical universities for doctoral degrees. In the same year, 17 medical staff completed their doctoral studies and returned to work after graduation. Up to now, there are 170 medical doctors in the hospital.


During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the hospital has implemented the strategy of "strengthening the hospital with talents" and strengthened the cultivation of high-level talents. The overall quality of the talent team has been significantly improved. Next according to the “14th Five-Year Plan” overall development strategic target, centered around hospital development and discipline construction, with saving human capital and motivating staff efficiency as the goal, the hospital will continue to improve the degree of human resources for health team, promote the medical team more doctorized, strive to build a compatible hr team with innovation, management, professionality and fitting the demand, with high political quality, reasonable structure, strong professional and technical ability, responsibility and capability.

In addition, in order to accelerate the growth of hospital staff, reasonably plan the career of the staff, and realize the common development of the hospital and staff, the hospital has issued the doctoral career development plan, so as to smooth the career development channel of the staff and build a growth platform. The doctoral forum is also held regularly to provide a high starting point, wide range and multi-field academic exchange platform for the medical doctors of the hospital, promote the integration of multi-disciplines, and provide a strong human resources guarantee for the realization of high-quality development of the hospital.