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70th Anniversary Academic Activity Series-- Live Video Conference with MATAT Radiation Oncology Expert

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On March 5, 2021, the Live Video Conference with MATAT Radiation Oncology Expert was successfully held. MATAT vice president Mr. Gil Ben Shaul, Dr. Tatiana Rabi from Sourasky Medical Center, Mr. Du Qiang from Lianyungang Science and Technlogy Bureau, over 20 people attended the conference including directors and staff of the HR and Oncology department.


Mr. Gil introduced Dr. Rabin and invited the hospital to deliver a speech. After that, Dr. Rabin introduced Radiation Oncology from the perspectives of definition, mechanisms of radiation damage to cells, types of radiology, clinical use and conclusions, and give detailed answers concerning Volumetric-modulated arc therapy, external beam radiotherapy and acute radiotherapy reactions in the Q&A part.


Dr. Tatiana Rabin, MD, graduated from Tel-Aviv University and work as Radiation and Medical Oncology Specialist and Director of  Brachytherapy and Gynecology-oncology service in Sourasky Medical Center, Israel.

This is the 3rd conference held since the hospital carried out 113BA online program. In 2021, on the occasion of the hospital’s 70th anniversary, we’ll continue to cooperate in joint srugery, pain management, ophthalmology, neurology and other fields, promoting the general medical level of the First People's Hospital medical group, making Lianyungang residents enjoy international-level medical service in their hometown.