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Live Video Confrence with MATAT Ophthalmology Expert

Release time:2022-07-30 Reading:

On the afternoon of July 6th, the fifth live video conference (Ophthalmology) was held. Yossi Marek, CEO of MATAT, Professor Ehud I. Assia, and hospital vice President Zhang Hailin attended the meeting. Wang Hua, president of the Eye Hospital, JiangHaitao, head of the Ophthalmology Department, relevant staff attended the meeting.


Mr. Marek first introduced Prof. Ehud Assia. Later, he said in his speech that the cooperation with our hospital has a long history, and it is the joint efforts of the two sides that have contributed to the success of this meeting. In her welcome speech, Vice President Zhang Hailin extended warm welcome and sincere greetings to all the friends and guests. She also expressed her heartfelt thanks to MATAT, Mr. Marek and Professor Ehud Assia for their efforts.


Ehud explained through a series of video, showing the surgical treatment of subluxated lenses. After the lecture, participants had in-depth exchanges with experts on whether to use anterior chamber intraocular lens, whether proline increases the risk rate of endophthalmitis, whether anterior capsule anchor can cause iris irritation symptoms, and the best surgical timing for traumatic lens dislocation. 

In order to improve the efficiency of communication, the conference also carried out online translation and retransmission for the ophthalmology colleagues in the medical group of the city. Our hospital has drawn up 14 online exchange plans. This meeting is the first since the of this year, opening a new chapter of international exchange and cooperation in 2022.