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Israeli Neurogastroenterology and Pelvic Floor Diseases Expert Came for Exchange

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On August 8th, Professor Marc Beer-Gabel, director of the Center of Neurogastroenterology and Pelvic Floor of Laniado Hospital in Israel, was invited to our hospital for academic exchange activities. Du Qiang, director of Foreign Experts and Foreign Cooperation Office of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Zhang Hailin, vice president of our hospital, and personnel from the Organization and Talent Department, Medical Department, Gastrointestinal Surgery Department, Gastroenterology Department participated.


At the meeting, Zhang Hailin warmly welcomed the arrival of the expert, and briefly introduced the hospital. Subsequently, Professor Marc Beer-Gabel gave an academic report entitled "Pelvic Floor Dysfunction".Both parties had in-depth communication and discussion on the problems such as constipation and muscle pain caused by pelvic floor function, which pointed out the direction for developing pelvic floor MDT in our hospital. The two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention on further implementation of systematic training and guidance of hospital basin MDT team.


In the end, Zhang Hailin expressed the hope that our hospital will take this exchange as an opportunity to strengthen the exchange and cooperation with Professor Marc Beer-Gabel and Laniado Medical Center, and comprehensively improve the discipline connotation and treatment level of pelvic floor diseases in our hospital.

Professor Marc Beer-Gabel also serves as Professor of Gastroenterology at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel (ranked ninth in the world). He received the Distinguished Award from the Israel Association of Colon and Rectum in 2004 and 2009 and has published more than 50 high-level papers in his professional field.