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Cloud Table Meeting with the Hamburg University Hospital, Germany

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Cloud Table Meeting with the Hamburg University Hospital, Germany

90 years ago, Liu Yilin, the founder of our hospital, traveled far away to the Hamburg University in Germany to seek advanced medical skills to save the country and people. 90 years later, our hospital and Hamburg University, Germany, continue to carry on academic exchanges. December 12, the Cloud Table Meeting was held, opening a new chapter of international academic cooperation and exchange between our hospital and Hamburg University.

Professor Jens Genpter, Director of Neurosurgery of Hamburg University Hospital, Professor Hanno Meyer, Deputy Director, Professor Franz Leonard Riecloffs, Professor Li Aimin, Party Secretary, neurosurgery chief expert, Shi Hui, Hospital President, Zhang Hailin, Vice President and staff from neurosurgery department attended the meeting.


At the cloud table meeting, the two sides introduced each other and discussed the latest research hotspots in the field of neurosurgery. Professor Hanno Meyer and Professor Franz Leonard Rikloffs respectively gave lectures on "Time is spine - How urgent are spinal operations?" "Neural signature of glioblastoma exhibits synaptogenic and NPC/OPC-like features and independently predicts patient survival" Li Aimin and Shi Hui communicated with the participating experts on "Selection of Recipient Vessels for Direct Haemodialysis Reconstruction in Adult Smoke Disease" and "Surgical treatment strategy for large substantial hemangioblastoma in the posterior cranial fossa".In the exchange session, the neurosurgery team of the First people's hospital of Lianyungang had a warm discussion and questions on the topics of the two German experts, and the German experts gave detailed answers.Li Aimin and Shi Hui respectively shared intracranial and extracranial vascular bypass surgery for the treatment of ischemic moyamoya disease and large skull base occupying lesions with microneurosurgery, fully demonstrating our hospital's profound atments and superb level in the treatment of moyamoya disease and resection of skull base nerve tumors, which aroused strong interest and high recognition from German experts.


The Cloud Table meeting laid a good beginning for the establishment of friendly and cooperative relations between our hospital and Hamburg University Hospital. In the future, our hospital will continue to broaden the field of cooperation, deepen the connotation of cooperation, and improve the effectiveness of cooperation.